There are various kinds of activities and substances that people can get addicted to in our society today and poker and gambling in general is no exception.

There are various kinds of activities and substances that people can get addicted to in our society today and poker is not an exception. Thanks to the numerous opportunities availed to you to play poker both online and physically, it is quite easy to get ensnared by this game. Though poker does not fit into the category of the mindless betting involved in most gambling games, some people treat it similarly, and they end up blowing up their life savings. How can you avoid falling victim to poker addiction? The most important thing to know about poker is to figure out where other addicts went wrong so that you can avoid falling into a similar hole.

The glamour

Some people get addicted to poker because they get attracted to the allure of the broadcasts on the World Series of Poker Games. In these shows, poker gets portrayed as a life-changing game where all your dreams can come true, and they do this over and over again such that in the end, there is someone somewhere envisioning a life change thanks to poker. You can get to believe that you will be the next Phil Helmuth and you can start playing with an aim to score big in your coming games. The moment you start picturing yourself in a Ferrari that gets bought from your poker earnings, brush that idea off immediately. This approach is not to say that you cannot get some money from poker, but you should keep away from unrealistic dreams. Yes, you may end up being the luckiest player and walking away with a substantial amount of money. However, playing for such a result will get you into financial trouble which you could try playing poker to get out of and end up hitting rock bottom. Play for fun, and if money comes out of that, it is well and good.


We all love to imagine things because it is a way to escape our realities every once in a while. The thing with dreams though is that you have to wake up and face reality. When you are done dreaming of the mansion that you will build with your poker earnings, it is high time to accept the fact that this might not be. Having aggressive daydreams can lead you to make wagers that could cause you financial woes. No matter how much money you place on the game, you do not have an assurance of the result, and you should avoid making unplanned bets based on impossible dreams.

Bankroll management

These days, you can have your friends over and play a game of poker, and this trend is becoming increasingly common. The ability to have games at home has led to the loss of perspective. People also keep less track of time when playing at home and you can find that you have used up more money than originally intended. If you feel that you are losing yourself and your money to the game, it is time to think of bankroll management which will get you back on track. With that thought, you can walk away from financial debts.


A credit card can lead to your downfall if you are not careful. Sure, you have a lot of time before you get to pay your bills and end up spending as much as you want on poker games without feeling a pinch. However, you need to remind yourself that your poker account is not free and you will have to repay all the money that you have used up. Do not get caught up in the heat of the moment and end up putting up money that you cannot pay back comfortably. Do not hurt your credit score which affects so many areas of your life.

Blackjack table in Casino


If you hit the jackpot, do not lean too much on what you got but instead work harder towards learning the tricks of the game. Otherwise, the pros in the game, as well as the amateurs, can end up winning all your money and leaving you with nothing. Make sure that your winning days do not make you feel overconfident as you will be very vulnerable when in such a state. Take caution after making wins.


When you deal a bad hand, and you end up losing a lot of money on a bet, do not take that as a sign to try again for luck. Instead, opt out of playing as you decide and figure out what you did wrong to enable you better to perform better the next time. Often, people end up playing more, especially when in online poker casinos, as they try to recover what they have lost and they end up losing more money. Some people take losses personally once they see the smug look on the winner’s face. As such, they end up playing in a bid to show that they are better than the winner. Do not let your opponent drag you down that road and instead, learn how to accept losses. Win some, lose some.


You may think that poker is as simple as learning a few tricks and making it big after a few days, but it is not. A lot of planning and learning goes into the game so start small and learn the essential tricks before delving into a world full of people out to get your money. Studies show that about four to seven percent of people playing poker in casino establishments are addicts. Most of them are unaware of the reasons why they fell into such a trap. Once you find that you are unable to stop playing poker even when you are apparently losing, it is crucial that you take some time to reflect on why you are in such a state. Write them down or talk to a friend about it. Most people who get addictions look to it for relaxation and entertainment. You can find other sources of these in massage parlors and hiking. Do not use poker as a substitute for something and if you are using it as a way to pass the time, get some hobbies. Play poker for fun as opposed to playing it as a way to make money. You will have more fun in this way, and you will avoid psychological as well as financial stress.