The variations in poker enable you to have a wide array of games from which to choose. Have your friends over and try out the different versions.

There was a simpler time when a game of poker meant a set of five card draws with family where you got to use a penny candy as opposed to chips. Over time, the game of poker gets more complicated, and you will find numerous variations in online poker sites. Check out the various games you can play with your buddies and get to understand how each works. The variations in poker enable you to have a wide array of games from which to choose. Have your friends over and try out the different versions.

Texas Hold’em

This poker game is the most recognized game in the world today, and this recognition is mainly brought on by it being the main game at the World Series of Poker. The game is quite simple. Each player gets to have two hole cards which are dealt face down, and they use those cards alongside five community face-up cards which are available to everyone in the game. The first three face-up cards are known as the flop while the fourth is called a turn and the fifth a river. Betting rounds take place before and after the 'flop,' 'turn,' and the river gets dealt. The winner of the series is the player who holds the best five-card hand once the final round of betting gets completed, having used one or two of their hole cards as well as three to four of their face-up cards.

Cheats in this game

This game has an extensive history of scoundrels and rogues, just like poker. In the past, Wild West gamblers would do anything to ensure that they emerged the victors of the game even if it meant resorting to guns for a win. Many scandals have taken place in the past few decades, but none come close to the POTRIPPER. The POTRIPPER was an online alias of an absolute poker who made use of his software’s ability to see other players’ hole cards. He went ahead and fleeced online players of their hard earned cash which amounted to millions of dollars before he got caught.


In this variation, you get to have four cards. The thing with this game is that you only get to use two of the four alongside three community cards. The betting rounds similarly take place to those in Texas Hold’em. However, the high starting hands in Texas Hold’em are not preferable in Omaha, one of the world`s best places to gamble. Most online poker establishments, as well as live poker tours, give players a chance to play in Pot Limit Omaha tournaments where players do not get the opportunity bet more than the money in the pot. Though this game has a pot limit, it is an excellent choice for you if you love action. This game, full of draws and re-draws, is one of the most exciting games in poker, even more than Texas Hold’em. When the game gets played at high stakes, it can create quite the tension.

Seven card stud

Before the 19th century came about and poker became a hit, this game was more popular than Texas Hold’em. A hand begins with each player getting two face-down cards, and one face-up card and the player with the lowest face-up card gets to be the first to play. A round of betting takes place after each card gets dealt. The fourth, fifth and sixth cards are dealt face-up while the seventh gets dealt facing down. This game has a similar mechanism to that in Texas Hold’em in that; the goal is to have the best five-card hand. No community cards get dealt in this game. There are variations in this game where six-card and five-card versions get played, but these are not very common.

High bets


This game is similar to the seven card stud variation and players each get seven cards where the first two and the seventh get dealt while facing down. The change in this game is that the lowest hand wins and as such if you wish to earn, it is best to avoid hitting a pair. The best 'hand' in this game is an A-2-3-4-5, otherwise known as a wheel. Razz features in the World Series of Poker and Phil Hellmuth is a previous winner.

Five card draw

People see this to be one of the purest forms of poker, and it tends to get played for fun more than it gets played for money. Each player receives five cards that get dealt facing down, and they have an opportunity to draw cards from the deck, placing theirs at the deck’s bottom and replacing them with others from the top. Betting rounds take place before the draw and afterward and the winner gets to be the player with the best five-card hand at the end of the game.

Omaha Hi-Lo

It is also known as Omaha 8, and it is a variation of the Omaha game. Here, players get to start the game with four cards and are allowed to use two of them together with three facing up cards. The pot gets split into two: best high hand and best low hand. Players can aim to get the best upper hand or the best small hand, and this variation leads to some pots. A player can take the whole pot home if they manage to get both the best high and best low hands or if they have the best upper 'hand' and there is no 'low hand' on the table.

Poker Chips and Cards

2-7 Triple Draw

This game is also known as deuce to seven, and it is a low-ball game where each player gets to have five cards. Players also get to draw cards three times during the play. Aces are high, and the best hand one can get is a 7-5-4-3-2. With such a hand, you cannot get beaten.


It cycles between five different variations of poker. The difference often changes after each orbit as each letter of the horse means a different variety. H is for Texas Hold’em, O is for Omaha, R is for Razz, S is for seven card stud, and E is Stud Hi-Lo. The variations in this game are limited which means that you get to make a bet which is predetermined. This is one of the most preferred poker games to play online.

Irish Poker

This game is quite simple, and it is becoming increasingly common in online poker rooms. You start with four face-down cards, and once the flop gets dealt, you need to discard two of the four cards. You then play the remaining game like Texas Hold’em.


Badugi is a variation from the draw poker version. However, it differs from the five card draw because players only get four cards and the winner has the lowest hand. Three betting rounds take place in this game and players should avoid hitting a pair or having more than one card of a similar suit. The Aces in this match are low, making the best hand an A-2-3-4 made of four suits. If you get more than one card of a similar suit, it gets discarded, and that leaves you with three.