Poker is arguably the most famous card game in the world. As such, this game would be featured in countless movies to make movie scenes all the more exciting.

Poker is arguably the most famous card game in the world, and even those who have not played it are aware of its existence. As such, it makes sense that this game would be featured in countless movies to make movie scenes all the more exciting. The tension in such scenes is so thrilling that it will have you sitting on the seat's edge, waiting to see what happens.

Rounder 1998

This film features various numerous poker scenes that range from the time when Mike reads all the players at the Judge’s game to the tutorial on how to beat the Atlantic City Tourists. This movie is so excellent that it got ranked as the best poker movie ever thanks to its high quantity of poker scenes as well as the impeccable quality of the views. The two most important scenes in the movie were the first big hand between KGB and Mike as well as the last big hand.

First big hand

This scene featured Mike, a hardcore gambling addict, and KGB, and it was well received because it showed one of the most realistic poker hands in movies. Most poker movies in the industry will exhibit a significant hand getting beaten by an unrealistic hand like a straight flush, and this is not something that is likely to occur in real life. In this scene, they managed to ensure that both hands were tremendous and that neither was unrealistic which made the whole scene look real. The 'hand' also helped in setting up the revolution of Mike McDermott from an amateur to a professional poker player. Mike got beat by KGB, but the thing about the scene is that Mike thought he had the upper hand and would emerge the winner. The fact that Mike could not figure out that he would get beaten shows that Mike still had a lot to learn to be victorious in other poker games.

The last big hand

This scene features another realistic play between Mike and KGB. During the game, Mike plays with suited connectors looking to flop a straight draw or a flush. As the game proceeds, it turns out that KGB is right that the Ace did not do much to help out Mike on the river. In this hand, KGB loses to Mike because he doesn’t get a good read on the situation. Kgb plays a good game.

California split 1974

This poker scene is over four decades old, and it is quite contemporary. The educational voiceover used in the poker scenes will remind you of Rounders though the voice used in the instructional video has a stiff and slightly awkward tone. Elliot Gould appears on the poker scene of this movie. He would later act in another poker scene in Ocean’s Eleven some years later. The shooting of the scene is wonderfully done. It starts by giving a full shot of a person walking through a poker room where a big sign-up board and tables are visible. Players who enter the room get an anxious yet giddy feeling as they approach the tables which gives the sense that they envision the place to be full of money which they can just grab and take off. The shot then gets closer to the table where you are then able to see the players and get a good look at the hands getting dealt.

Deck of cards on a table

Cincinnati kid 1965

The poker scene features the Steve McQueen character getting beaten with full Aces by Lancey Howard who has a straight flush. The moment leading up to this stage does not prepare you for the fast turn of events, and the scene is wonderfully done. Because it is one of the earliest poker scenes in the industry, it is one of the most recognized. The hand that gets dealt in the scene is entirely unrealistic, and many people with an eye for poker do not respond to it positively. However, the view is quite thrilling and will have you smiling from ear to ear once you get to the end.

The Sting 1973

You have probably heard of this classic movie which featured Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Though the movie’s focus was not on poker, the poker scene was fantastic.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998

The poker scene in this movie did not focus on the result, but instead, it focused on the psychology of poker where you can see how the tension builds throughout the game as well as the decisions that people make when they are under pressure. This shot was entirely different from other poker scenes because of its distinct focus. However, because of the style of shot used, you do not get to enjoy the poker hand much.

Casino Royale 2006

This movie is a European game that features high stakes, and as such, you can see players placing their wagers with plaques. Most poker players disapprove of this poker scene because a player losing a full house to 'quads' that have a pocket pair is not a likely hand. However, it is fascinating to see a person do chip tricks and you will enjoy the scene quite thoroughly.

Ocean’s Eleven 2011

Though this poker scene did not have any relevance to the movie, it was quite exciting and is one of the best poker scenes ever made. It shows a person giving a tutorial on poker from which you can benefit. The talks on hands are also quite exciting, and you can liken them to the ones that take place during home table poker games. The scene also enables you to get some information on when to tell where a player is bluffing and it shows the evolving of the thinking player. This view is unlike most poker scenes which only show the results of the hands played.

Run 1991

This movie featured two poker scenes. The first stage showed Patrick Dempsey playing with a bunch of his friends while the other shows him taking part in an underground game. Both views are quite enjoyable. These poker scenes will enable you to get better at the game from the comfort of your home by learning more tricks which you can use in future games.