If you want to place your wagers in style, numerous options are available to you throughout the globe. You do not have to head to Las Vegas for a casino.

If you want to place your wagers in style, numerous options are available to you throughout the globe. And here is the thing; you do not have to head to Las Vegas for the utmost luxury in casinos. There are options for you in Vegas all the way to China and Germany. So you can go ahead and roll the dice and settle on a location that works for you.

The Venetian Macao in China

Macao was a Portuguese colony before it got reverted to China. Present day, it gets referred to at the Monte Carlo of the Orient, and it is home to the world’s biggest casinos including the Venetian Macao which is the most fabulous casino in the world and the sixth grandest structure in the world. The development of this structure cost two point four billion dollars. The construction includes a sports events hall and a gambling area that measures five hundred and fifty thousand square feet. The structure is imposing both on the inside and the outside, and it uses a Venetian style that is similar to its sister resort located in Las Vegas. The model of this Casino got derived from its sister resort, and it includes some replicas of the canals in the lagoon city. In the structure, you will find three thousand luxurious guest rooms and more than thirty restaurants which serve foods from all over the world. Also in the resort is a play area for children, swimming pools and other recreational facilities which you can use to take a break from betting or as a way to keep your kids busy. There are more than three thousand slot machines and over seven hundred table games in the casino which has a total space of more than ten million square feet.

The Wynn Macau in China

This development got built by Steve Wynn, and he modeled it in a manner quite similar to his tower in Las Vegas. The building has over one hundred square feet of gaming space that come equipped with five hundred table games, eight hundred and forty slot machines and over one thousand luxurious guest suites. For those who love shopping, this development provides fifty-four thousand square feet of retail space which has the most luxurious labels in the industry such as Christian Dior and Chanel. You will get to enjoy the six gourmet restaurants available in the facility as well as a spa with the latest beauty treatments.

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its fantastic casinos, and this establishment will not prove to be disappointing. This facility is one of the biggest trademark names in Vegas and came to be over five hundred years ago. It is a luxury icon, having survived recessions, scandals and many more issues that got thrown its way. The casino has one hundred and sixty-six thousand square feet of gaming space and numerous luxurious rooms. Its large spas will amaze you, and they feature Roman baths with elaborate mosaics and old architectural designs surrounding the pools. The structures in this casino get made in a way that takes your mind back to ancient Rome, and this style gets copied by other casinos in Vegas. It has more than three thousand guest suites, twenty-five restaurants that serve cuisine from all corners of the world and fifty thousand square feet of spa areas. One hundred and sixty specialty retailers are also available in the establishment.

Sun City Casino Resort in South Africa

This resort has the grandness of a Vegas resort and is located in a bushy area two hours from the country’s capital city of Johannesburg. Having opened in the year 1979 in an area where gambling laws were not applicable, this resort rapidly became a popular destination for all sorts of gamblers. Presently, this casino is one of the best establishments in the world with four hotels, forty gaming tables and over eight hundred and fifty gaming tables. Games played include Punto Baccarat, American Roulette, blackjack and stud poker. A great thing about this establishment is that you can go on safari during your stay since the resort has a game reserve.

Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas

This resort, opened in 2005 at the cost of two point seven billion dollars, was regarded as the most expensive casino ever constructed. The casino features over two thousand seven hundred guest suites which got built at an average cost of one million dollars each. This record got broke five years later when the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore got established at the expense of five point five billion dollars. The Wynn spreads over two hundred and seventeen acres with the casino taking up one hundred and ten thousand square feet. Nineteen restaurants are available to the guests as well as seventy-five thousand square feet of retail space. Also featured in the resort is an eighteen-hole championship golf course as well as other recreational activities plus few multimillion Hollywood movies.

The Grand Lisboa in China

This resort, designed to look like a birdcage, is one of Macau’s most prominent landmarks. The hotel is Macau’s tallest building, and it has the most noticeable LED dome ever made on earth, consisting of more than one million LED lights. The inside of the building consists of one thousand slot machines and eight hundred gaming tables on beautiful expansive floors. This casino caters to the needs of the most famous gamblers and hires one of the world’s best chefs.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas

This resort enables its guests to get the romantic feel of Italy with a chance to get on board a Venetian gondola. It boasts of over four thousand guest suites, four thousand and fifty-nine hotel rooms, and one hundred twenty thousand square feet of gaming space as well as one of the most excellent spas in the world. You get to choose from nineteen restaurants which offer different foods from the world cooked by award-winning chefs. Also featured in the casino is eighty international boutiques. In these world-class casinos, you get to have a gambling experience like never before in the most luxurious manner you could imagine.